The Husky is an obedient pup, never scaring or surprising you.  Plane & Pilot

There simply isn't a better backcountry plane available.  With best in class performance, reliability, capability, versatility and safety, a Husky is always ready to take you anywhere.


Custom Built By Hand

Aviat's manufacturing facilities located in downtown Afton, Wyoming resemble one of the custom bike shops made popular by reality television over the past several years.  Each plane is meticulously assembled by hand.  Skilled craftsmen assemble chromoly steel tubing using tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding to produce a strong, light fuselage framework.  The frame is then covered with DuPont Ceconite fabric with cotton strips used to enhance structural integrity and painted to customers specifications.  Customers can then choose from one of several popular VFR and IFR panel configurations or design their own.

There’s no need for white knuckles while flying the Husky. You can fly it with your fingertips. About four pounds of stick force pressure is required to maneuver the Husky, which feels just right, and the consistency of response through the speed range...was noticeable.
— Flying Magazine Jan 4, 2012

10 Reasons to Fly a Husky

  1. Freedom - breeze through an opened window and an ability to land almost everywhere open up infinite possibilities
  2. Safety - advanced safety cage and seats with 5-point seatbelt harnesses and optional FAA certified seatbelt airbags
  3. Large Useful Load - more storage space and wider CG than other planes in its class plus useful load ± 925lbs
  4. Agility - large aerodynamically balanced aileron and stick force pressure of about 4 lbs make the Husky unbelievably responsive
  5. Less Bounce - innovative shock-dampened landing gear help Husky to "stick to the runway".
  6. FAA Certified IFR-VFR, Day & Night - options to allow for maximum utility
  7. Comfort - roomy cabin and ergonomically designed pilot and passenger seats
  8. Customizable - instrument panel, paint, seat covers, wheels, etc. all customized to your needs
  9. Range - fly further with more gear
  10. Structural Redundancy - a Husky is built for the backcountry